Tiki Iniki Atlanta

Decided to move this one to the top of the queue. Tiki Iniki just opened in Atlanta this weekend, and a lot of people were excited about checking it out.

This video, along with the others, focus on the people at the establishment as well as the cocktails. Want to see more of what they’re doing? Well… get yourself over to the highlands and see it first hand.

There‚Äôs no tiki in Maine, but…

Many of you know that I love chartreuse. I love the green, I love the yellow… and if there were more types, I’m sure I’d love those too.

Enter “Brown Chartreuse” – or chartreuse and chocolate, more specifically. I had a splendid dinner at Chaval in Portland, Maine, which is a Spanish and French inspired restaurant. It’s a tapas joint, but that doesn’t give it enough credit. Maybe we should call it Basque?

Anyways, the award winning beverage director, as well as many other local bartenders, encouraged me to get the churros with a side of chartreuse. Apparently, this is a combination that you’ll see in ski towns in Western Europe (especially ones near the French Alps) as a chartreuse hot chocolate. Here, they take this idea and run with it.

After finishing the churros in the chocolate dip, you pour in the chartreuse, let it mix, and then put it back. Looks gross, tastes rather intriguing. It’s something I can’t describe – you’ll have to try it for yourself.