Tiki Time at Hidden Idol in Denver

What’s even better than a great tiki bar is the company of great people INSIDE the tiki bar. Got to hang out for an extended time with the gracious crew of Hidden Idol at the Beetle Bar, where I was introduced to Trakal, a Patagonian spirit made with a distillate o apples and pears, infused with berries, herbs, and botanicals from the native region. Haven’t heard of it yet? Want it? Too bad (for now) if you don’t live in Colorado, which is the only market currently supplying it.

First, we meet with Ben for a Trakal based beverage, and then with Allister for a Zombie Brujo. Watch for the recipe.

Not pictured is A.A. Ron, who was slinging cocktails like a savage all night and my good friend and camera operator Cory. And the microphone because it’s a pineapple instead.


Tiki Time in Palm Springs

Ok folks. This go around, Tiki Time with Cash (aka me) was in Palm Springs in the middle of the summer to witness a breathtaking 115 degree day… so I had to cool off with a drink or 4 (as I do). Do I perform a triple Shaka? Wrangle serpents? Make it out alive? You decide, after watching this video.