Inuhele Atlanta – Tiki Time with Cash Presentation

Did you know that your old pal, Tiki Time with Cash, is now available for your tropical presentation needs?

That’s right folks. Tropical Quinceañera? Polynesian Bar Mitzvah? Tiki conferences and meetups? Mr. Cash does them all! WOWIE ZOWIE!

This year, Atlanta had it’s very own Tiki Festival and meetup, Inuhele, where I was invited to speak about doing tiki stuff, like my visit to Rapa Nui (Easter Island)… and I got up in front of a group of people and dazzled them with my PowerPoint know-how and groan worthy jokes.

So yeah. HMU if you want me to tell tiki dad jokes at your next big event. Major props to Khan Tiki Mon (aka Scott) for capturing this on video!

Four Kahunas – Arlington TX

ALOHA! I’m back at it after a bit of a Hiatus. I had a tiki baby. I worked on some super rad tiki projects. I spoke at Atlanta’s inaugural Inuhele Tiki convention. So yeah. Feels good to be back at it.

The first thing I wanted to put together after an absence was a video of Four Kahunas in Arlington, Texas. I was able to make it out there shortly after they opened, and then my life went into overdrive before I could spend the time putting this one together.

Four Kahunas is one of the best tiki bar openings in 2018, and just one of the best in general. The team has the heart, the space looks great, and then there’s the drinks. Holy smokes, my friends. These DRINKS are amazing!


Tiki Underground – Akron, Ohio

Any time I’m anywhere, and there’s a good tiki bar, it’s a good thing. There’s quite a bit of tiki history in Ohio, but the present is even more important.

In this video, you’ll see some otherworldly guitar playing from Colin John as I talk with proprietor Sean Coffey about their bar program and sample a few drinks.

There was so much content that I’ll have to do a follow up video with a dedicated interview with Sean…. so this one focuses on the drinks. Cheers!

Tiki Iniki Atlanta

Decided to move this one to the top of the queue. Tiki Iniki just opened in Atlanta this weekend, and a lot of people were excited about checking it out.

This video, along with the others, focus on the people at the establishment as well as the cocktails. Want to see more of what they’re doing? Well… get yourself over to the highlands and see it first hand.

There’s no tiki in Maine, but…

Many of you know that I love chartreuse. I love the green, I love the yellow… and if there were more types, I’m sure I’d love those too.

Enter “Brown Chartreuse” – or chartreuse and chocolate, more specifically. I had a splendid dinner at Chaval in Portland, Maine, which is a Spanish and French inspired restaurant. It’s a tapas joint, but that doesn’t give it enough credit. Maybe we should call it Basque?

Anyways, the award winning beverage director, as well as many other local bartenders, encouraged me to get the churros with a side of chartreuse. Apparently, this is a combination that you’ll see in ski towns in Western Europe (especially ones near the French Alps) as a chartreuse hot chocolate. Here, they take this idea and run with it.

After finishing the churros in the chocolate dip, you pour in the chartreuse, let it mix, and then put it back. Looks gross, tastes rather intriguing. It’s something I can’t describe – you’ll have to try it for yourself.

Tiki Time at Hidden Idol in Denver

What’s even better than a great tiki bar is the company of great people INSIDE the tiki bar. Got to hang out for an extended time with the gracious crew of Hidden Idol at the Beetle Bar, where I was introduced to Trakal, a Patagonian spirit made with a distillate o apples and pears, infused with berries, herbs, and botanicals from the native region. Haven’t heard of it yet? Want it? Too bad (for now) if you don’t live in Colorado, which is the only market currently supplying it.

First, we meet with Ben for a Trakal based beverage, and then with Allister for a Zombie Brujo. Watch for the recipe.

Not pictured is A.A. Ron, who was slinging cocktails like a savage all night and my good friend and camera operator Cory. And the microphone because it’s a pineapple instead.


Tiki Time in Palm Springs

Ok folks. This go around, Tiki Time with Cash (aka me) was in Palm Springs in the middle of the summer to witness a breathtaking 115 degree day… so I had to cool off with a drink or 4 (as I do). Do I perform a triple Shaka? Wrangle serpents? Make it out alive? You decide, after watching this video.


Tiny Tiki – Spokane

Spokane recently got its first tiki bar in decades. Check out this video interview with Claire and hear about what she is doing, and what I’m drinking.